New Version of Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface

New Version of Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface

Emerson Process Management has released the newest version (“Version 3”) of its USB Fieldbus Interface.
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BusCorp uses the Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface for a very specific function during pre-commissioning of Fieldbus systems, namely tagging and addressing of Fieldbus devices directly after site installation.  This activity of “pre-tagging” and “pre-addressing” Fieldbus devices before connection to the control system H1 interface has several advantages.

First, end users often have many of the same device type, from the same manufacturer, installed in their facilities (e.g. valve positioner from manufacturer X, pressure transmitter from manufacturer Y, etc).  Consider a segment with ten identical Fieldbus on/off valve positioners.  It is imperative that each valve positioner is tagged correctly for the automation system to function as intended.  Setting tag and address on a device-by-device basis with a tool like the Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface adds another layer of verification that the device installed in a particular service is tagged correctly according to the P&ID’s.

Secondly, in some cases during facility pre-commissioning, power may not yet be provided to the control panel where the control system H1 interface is installed, although most (if not all) of the Fieldbus devices may already be installed.  The commissioning team can claw-back some valuable commissioning time by tagging and addressing installed devices with a standalone interface while waiting for power to eventually be available at the panels.

Finally, experience has proven that pre-tagging and pre-addressing Fieldbus devices consequently saves time when each segment is ultimately connected to the control system H1 interface.  At this stage, all that’s left to do is to associate the connected devices with the matching control system placeholders, which may even occur automatically with some systems. Now the commissioning team can perform a segment download.

Any time expended in pre-tagging of devices pales in comparison to the hours wasted troubleshooting device mismatch errors and control routing issues. In other words, pre-tagging of instruments may seem onerous to some, but experience has proven that it’s a genuine best-practice.

The Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface can be setup to provide power to the segment with up to 85mA of available current. This is more than sufficient current, since, for this procedure, Fieldbus devices are only tagged and addressed one-at-a-time.

Emerson USB interface_power setup

If the choice is made to prevent the USB Fieldbus Interface  from providing segment power, another option would be to power the segment using the power conditioner in the control panel, then connect the USB Fieldbus Interface to the segment from within the MCC building.

After a device is connected to the USB Fieldbus Interface, it is a very simple and fast procedure to tag and address a Fieldbus device.  Simply choose the desired address from the pull-down list, enter the desired tag name in the text box, and click on the “Commission” button.  The process only takes about 30 seconds to complete.

14_Emerson Interface_Device set tag and address

A key feature in this newest version of the USB Fieldbus Interface is the ability to use the interface with any FDT Frame application, such as PACTware, to execute Fieldbus DTM’s, rather than being restricted to solely use Emerson’s AMS Suite for this purpose.  For a full description of the USB Fieldbus Interface’s functionality and features, visit this link to Emerson’s product page.

BusCorp provides hands-on training courses at client sites covering the features and uses of this and many other Fieldbus tools, such as the NI Configurator and Monitor, multimeters, scopemeters, Relcom FBT handheld testers, and the Pepperl + Fuchs Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM).  Please visit our Fieldbus Training Services page for details regarding our course offerings.

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