About Us

Our Value

BusCorp is your trusted vendor-neutral advisor, getting more value from your intelligent device investment than you alone could realize, with matchless expertise, on-site training, and diagnostic integration.


Since incorporation in 2003, BusCorp maintains a position of advocacy for end-user companies choosing to implement industrial data-bus technologies. Employing experts in the field of smart-instrumentation, BusCorp provides a unique consultative perspective for industrial automation projects, whether green-field or existing infrastructure.

BusCorp has experience in varied industrial market sectors including: upstream gas, heavy oil, petrochemical, water and wastewater, brewing, and pipeline projects. Additionally, the BusCorp team possesses over two decades of experience developing and presenting FOUNDATION fieldbus™ curriculum at well respected technical institutions and to diverse clientele, ranging from private small business owner/operators to multinational firms worldwide.

BusCorp prides itself in providing vendor-neutral technical analysis, evaluations and selection criteria and is interested in providing solutions that maximize the effectiveness of smart technology in meeting clientele’s project needs.