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BusCorp Invited to Present at General Assembly

At their upcoming General Assembly, FieldComm Group has invited Michael Clark, Director of BusCorp, to share insights on the subject of “Improving Reliability using Intelligent Devices”. This paper focuses on deployment of Plant Asset Management (PAM) systems to monitor and diagnose automation faults in their early stages thus providing operations personnel with valuable information capable of circumventing plant upsets or [...]

Auditing Refinery’s Utilization of Fieldbus Technology

Over a span of four months, BusCorp has been engaged in performing a site-wide audit of the effectiveness of a refinery’s usage of fieldbus technologies. Management at the North American facility became concerned when maintenance spending had not improved over a carefully monitored multi-year window, even though they were assured that fieldbus systems could reduce their instrument maintenance obligations significantly.

One [...]

BusCorp to Speak in Calgary and Edmonton

Mike Clark, the Director of BusCorp, will address attendees at Fieldbus End User Seminars in Calgary, Alberta on September 22, 2015 and in Edmonton, Alberta on September 24, 2015. Topics will include presentations on “Simplified Segment Design”“Device Configuration and Commissioning” and “Improving Reliability with Intelligent Devices”.

During the week, Mr. Clark will also be delivering a Lunch and Learn presentation “Why Make Marshalling Smarter When [...]

BusCorp to Speak in Texas and Alabama

BusCorp Director, Mike Clark, will give three presentations, “Simplified Segment Design”, “Device Configuration and Commissioning” and “Improving Reliability with Intelligent Devices”, at the Fieldbus Foundation End User Seminars in Pasadena, Texas on May 19, 2015 and in Mobile, Alabama on May 21, 2015.

Mr. Clark will also be delivering the Lunch and Learn presentation “Why Make Marshalling Smarter if You Can Eliminate [...]

Fieldbus and Plant Asset Management Systems

Some things were just meant to go together.  Peanut butter and jam.  Salt and pepper.  Simon and Garfunkel.  We can add FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and Plant Asset Management to the list.

FOUNDATION™ fieldbus instrumentation is often chosen for process control applications for both Greenfield and Brownfield construction projects.  A prime motivation for this choice is the abundance of advanced diagnostics the protocol [...]

Merger between Fieldbus Foundation and HART Official

Based on voting from Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communication Foundation members, the decision to merge the two organizations is now official.  The new organization, FieldComm Group, will begin operations January 1, 2015 from a unified office in Austin, Texas.

Read the full press release here: [...]

BusCorp to Speak in Baton Rouge and Houston

BusCorp Director, Mike Clark, will be delivering the Lunch and Learn presentation “Why Make Marshalling Smarter, When You Can Eliminate It?” in Baton Rouge on September 15, 2014 and in Houston on September 17, 2014 to select attendees from local engineering offices.

Mr. Clark will also be presenting “Simplified Segment Design” at the Fieldbus Foundation End User Seminars in Baton Rouge [...]

Update on Merger between Fieldbus Foundation and HART

An agreement between the Fieldbus Foundation and HART boards of directors is in place to merge the two organizations into a single governing entity.  By the end of summer 2014, the members of both organizations will be given the opportunity to vote on the merger as the next step in the process.  For more detail, read the full article here. [...]

New Version of Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface

Emerson Process Management has released the newest version (“Version 3”) of its USB Fieldbus Interface.
Read more here.

BusCorp uses the Emerson USB Fieldbus Interface for a very specific function during pre-commissioning of Fieldbus systems, namely tagging and addressing of Fieldbus devices directly after site installation.  This activity of “pre-tagging” and “pre-addressing” Fieldbus devices before connection to the control system H1 interface has [...]