FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Expertise

The successful implementation of Foundation fieldbus is at our core. Since its inception, our personnel have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge pertaining to Foundation technology, its use, and its benefits. Let us help you succeed in each aspect of your fieldbus strategy.

Here's how we help:

• Identification of project goals and objectives when using Fieldbus
• Identification of potential modifications to P&IDs
• Identification of modifications to an Instrument Index
• Facilitation of Fieldbus host system evaluation and selection
• Discuss options for segment bulk power supplies
• Explain alternatives for segment power conditioners
• Assist with selection of junction box couplers
• Define locations and usage of segment terminators
• Provide recommendations for Fieldbus cable selection
• Explain use of surge protection devices
• Identify options regarding Fieldbus intrinsic-safety components
• Discuss junction box sizing, materials, and layout
• Provide guidance on field device selection
• Define design constraints such as number of devices per segment, maximum trunk length, maximum spur lengths
• Assist with segment loading
• Perform segment calculations as required
• Aid in producing Instrument Segment Diagrams
• Share segment tagging strategies
• Development of device tagging standards
• Assistance with device addressing (host dependant)
• Recommend effective Macrocycle settings
• Guidance on device block parameter settings
• Author fieldbus-specific FAT procedures
• Provide FAT support
• Deliver fieldbus-specific commissioning procedures
• Provide remote and on-site commissioning support
• Provide on-site and remote support for troubleshooting of fieldbus segments and devices
• Produce valuable diagnostic reports from a full range of fieldbus analyzers and test tools