Fieldbus Training Services

BusCorp offers a full suite of training courses that covers everything from the basics, in-depth theory, hands-on skills and tools, all the way to project execution activities. Our training courses are based on a series of learning modules, with each booklet covering a specific topic. A modular-based learning approach also allows courses to be flexible while putting together a training program that works best for each client’s needs. We conduct our training courses at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Here's how we help:

  • Overview of the Fieldbus Foundation
  • Instruction on the features and benefits of Fieldbus
  • Fieldbus network components
  • H1 and HSE architectures
  • Selecting and loading Fieldbus Device Descriptions
  • Fieldbus communication models
  • Resource, Transducer, and Function Blocks
  • Applying, scheduling, and executing Fieldbus control strategies
  • Overview of Fieldbus test equipment
  • Explanation of standard diagnostics in Fieldbus blocks, devices, and networks
  • Instruction in troubleshooting procedures
  • Discussion of Fieldbus parameter configuration
  • Usage of National Instruments Configurator
  • Explanation of Fieldbus device and network commissioning procedures
  • Workflow of Fieldbus project engineering activities
  • Specifying Fieldbus equipment
  • Performing segment design
  • Development of project standards
  • Discussion of important Fieldbus parameters and configuration decisions
  • Execution of Fieldbus Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • The role of Plant Asset Management systems in Fieldbus projects

You may download the syllabi for our courses by visiting our Downloads page.