Intelligent Device Management

You’ve made the investment to use intelligent devices, but how do you now harvest the potentially stranded diagnostics? Our mission is to liberate stranded diagnostics to the benefit of our clientele, assuring that you get the most out of your smart-instrumentation investment, regardless of protocol; Fieldbus or HART, we’re here to provide assistance.

Here’s how we help:

  • Identify goals and objectives for PAM usage for your project
  • Participate in PAM system evaluation and selection
  • Review PAM system vendor standards and practices
  • Assist in development of device criticality matrix
  • Facilitate assignment of device tags to criticality levels
  • Support development of device alert/diagnostic templates based on criticality levels
    • Provide quality control for PAM system database configuration
    • Review existing maintenance procedures
    • Aid in adapting work practices to leverage device diagnostics
    • Ensure competency training from PAM vendor